[Video] Bionic Boots Let People Run Up To 25 MPH Speed

Who would have thought that an ostrich would be the inspiration for the next generation of fitness gear? Meet Bionic Boots – robotic boots that let people run up to 25 mph speed.

Bionic Boot
Bionic Boot

Bionic Boots have been developed by Keahi Seymour. He wanted to run fast like Ostrich.

A Bionic Boot

He knew that Ostriches are able to reach top speeds of up to 45 mph and he was determined that whether or not he could run fast like Ostrich, but he would unlock the secret to their quickness. Later, he decided to create shoes that would let him emulate the birds’ springy gait and match their top speed—45 miles per hour.

Bionic Boot

Many years and a dozen prototypes later, Seymour came to World Maker Faire 2014 at the New York Hall of Science to show off the latest version of his “bionic boot.” Seymour showed how his ostrich-inspired robotic boots gave him a speed boost.

Bionic Boot

According to Seymour, Bionic Boots are capable of catapulting a human forward at tremendous speeds “with maximum efficiency and agility.” In fact, it is the transportation or fitness device for the 21st century.

Bionic Boot GIF

Seymour and his company, Bionic Boot, say the springs on the back of their boots emulate the achilles tendons of an ostrich or kangaroo. The company hopes to eventually add pistons to their top grade aluminum and carbon fiber boots to help humans reach speeds of up to 45 mph. Here’s a video for you.

With Bionic Boots, people now will be able to run at a speed of 25 mph, but Seymour won’t rest until he can take the human body to the next level, and outrun some of Earth’s fastest land animals.

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