Celluon ‘Magic Cube’ Can Turn Any Flat Surface Into A Virtual Keyboard

Smartphone and Tablet users who want a full-size keyboard without carrying one around, no doubt, love to use virtual keyboards. Korean tech company Celluon has unveiled a device called Magic Cube at the CES 2013 that can turn any flat surface into a virtual keyboard!

Magic Cube, Image Credit: Celluon

The Magic Cube works with iOS4 and later, Mac OS 10 and later, Android 2.0 and later, Windows XP/Vista/7 and later, and
any Bluetooth HID devices. First the keyboard controller needs to be attached with the any of the above mentioned devices via Bluetooth and then it shoots out a red full-size QWERTY virtual keyboard on a fairly flat surface. While fingers will move across the virtual keyboard, the Magic Cube will track fingers, send the data to users device and users will see on the iOS screen what he/she types in. Magic Cube can detect 350 characters per minute. Here’s a video demonstration of the device.

The Magic Cube comes in four colors – Silver, Red, White and Black. It has a battery of 700mAh and it presents the Virtual Keyboard up to 2 and 1/2 hours on full charge. The Magic Cube is so small that it easily fits in users’ pocket or bag. A new smaller version of Magic Cube will hit the stores in the coming months. The price of Magic Cube is $149.99 on the official website, but interested users can buy it from Amazon at $118.

Source: 9to5Mac, iDownload Blog

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