Coolest: Possibly The Highest Crowd-funding Project In Kickstarter

Kickstarter has turned into a most popular and wildly successful crowd-sourcing platform where project creators inspire people to open their wallets by offering products, benefits, and fun experiences. The site has already featured a number of highly successful projects and products. And now there’s a new Kickstarter project called Coolest that has already gathered more than 100 times fund than targeted amount.

Coolest Blender

Coolest is a hi-tech cooler machine that can cool drinks shortly. The Coolest is packed with such features that can’t be found in traditional cooler machines.

Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Coolest features a blender, a removable water-proof Bluetooth speaker and unbreakable LED lights.

Unbreakable LED Light In Coolest

Coolest also comes with integrated store for knife and plate.

Internal Storage For Knife And Plate In Coolest

There’s a bottle opener too.

Bottle Opener

Users can charge Coolest via USB charger.

Charge Coolest via USB

Coolest can cool more than 6 gallons of blended goodness on a single charge.

Coolest Storage

Coolest comes in various colors. Interested people can vote on Facebook or leave a comment for their favorite colored Coolest.

Various Colored Coolest

Users can easily carry it with them while going for picnics or to the beach, barbecues.

Coolest Being Carried

The Coolest inventor Ryan Grepper targeted to gather $50,000 by Aug 30, 2014 (7:00 AM +06:00) via Kickstarter. But as of writing, keeping 32 days in hand, the project has accumulated $7,522,687 from 38,322 backers.

Note that, Coolest is yet the third most-funded product in Kickstarter history. The top highest funded crowd-funding project in Kickstarter is Pebble Smartwatch (pledged $100,000, raised $10,266,845 from 68,929 backers) and the second highest funded crowd-funding project in Kickstarter is the Android game console Ouya (pledged $950,000, raised $8,596,474 from 63,416 backers). Here’s a video of Coolest.

Do you think Coolest will be able to set a new record in Kickstarter by dethroning Pebble Smartwatch or Ouya? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

Source: Kickstarter

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