Mealspec Announces Flameless Heater Which Can Cook Actual Food

Flameless heaters are nothing new. They have long been used to cook up rationed food by the U.S. military and are now becoming popular with the outdoor-camping crowd. Mealspec recently unveiled a new ‘Heater’ bag which is one of the most effective flameless heaters in the market.

Mealspec heater

Typically, flameless heaters are not very effective in cooking real food. Rather, they are mostly used to heat pre-cooked ‘ready to eat’ meals. These heaters do not rise a lot in their temperature and even their highest temperatures are sustained only for a few minutes, making any real cooking impossible to do.

That is where the Mealspec Heater stands apart from other flameless heater. Mealspec’s offering is unique in that as soon as you add water and heating packet to the bag, it starts a chemical reaction which spikes up the temperature far more than the other flameless heaters. The temperature rises to 104º C within 12 seconds, staying higher than 82º C for 12 minutes.

With such a temperature range, you can heat up pre-cooked meals as well as cook actual food. You can, for example, boil an egg with that kind of heat or even cook up raw fish by wrapping it adequately before putting it in the bag. For the campers who are often on the go and need to trim down on stove weight, the Mealspec Heater may be a very viable alternative.

The Heater is available from the official Mealspec site and costs $18 for 12. The company claims that during cooking, the Heater bag is automatically able to sterilize the water and the utensils used in cooking.

Source: Mealspec
Courtesy: Gizmag

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