[Review] NanoHeat Cup Warmer Keeps Tea, Coffee And Others Always Warm

It might have happened with you that you were busy in something for a while and your tea or coffee got cold in the mean time. At that time, if you were desperate to drink it either you had to drink it cold or needed to warm it up once again. But if you have NanoHeat Cup Warmer, your coffee or tea will never get cold no matter when you are going to drink that. NanoHeat Cup Warmer is basically a disc shaped electric warmer that can keep your coffee mug warm using ‘NanoHeat Technology.’

Nano Heat Cup Warmer

Hong Kong based Advanced Materials Enterprise (AME) has developed and patented the NanoHeat Technology, which has been used in NanoHeat Cup Warmer. Nanoheat Technology provides high performance and energy efficient heating functions, and outperforms conventional induction heating with no electromagnetic interference. This electric warmer is suitable for multi-function warming. It is a good device to keep your coffee mug warm, but if you want to be a bit more innovative then you can use it to keep your unfinished burger warm too.

About NanoHeat Cup Warmer

NanoHeat Cup Warmer is a round shaped device. The top of the warmer is made from durable ceramic. The body of the warmer is made from glossy plastic. With a height of 22 mm (2.2 cm) and a diameter of 100 mm (10 cm), NanoHeat Cup Warmer weighs 306g. It consumes about 11-14W while at work. In terms of aesthetics the device looks good, but not cool enough.

How It Works?

1. First, connect the power adapter that comes with the package to a power socket and the DC jack at the back of the NanoHeat Cup Warmer.

2. Beneath the “Caution: Hot Surface” mark you will find a Push-In-Slide button mentioning “Off-Low-High”. The Push-In-Slide button helps you to choose the preferred heat level. If you take the Push-In-Slide button to the Low position, a green light will lit up, and fro the High heat level the light will be red. As soon as the light is on, place a metal flat bottom cup (when the heat level is at Low position) or a flat bottom glass or ceramic cup (when the heat level is at High position). The Warming Surface starts to warm up gradually and reaches around 80 degree Celsius (at Low heat position) or around 120 degree Celsius (at High heat position).

3. Don’t be afraid by learning about the heat rating. It won’t explode your cup, but be sure not to touch the warming surface when it is on power. The heat will pass up to the mug atop gradually.

Nano Heat Cup Warmer-1
Nano Heat Cup Warmer-2
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Nano Heat Cup Warmer-9

The NanoHeat Cup Warmer comes in four colors – Green, Orange, Pink, and White. It costs about US$28.99 (HK$230).

Our Review

The NanoHeat Cup Warmer is a really amazing device. The device looks good, though nothing fancy. The warming surface is large enough to house even beer mugs. If you want to be a bit utilitarian, you can place your unfinished sandwich atop. The ceramic-top is ideal for almost any kind of mug you use. However, don’t expect wonders to happen from the device; it’s just an ‘warmer’, not a ‘heater.’

While we, TheTechJournal team were experimenting with the device’s functionality, a question occurred in our mind that will the NanoHeat Cup Warmer be able to warm a normal temperature water or coffee or tea? If yes, then how long will it take to do so? To find the answer, we kept a flat bottom glass with room temperature water on the Warming Surface of the NanoHeat Cup Warmer and positioned the Push-In-Slide button at High. It took almost an hour to get the water mildly warm.

So, did the NanoHeat cup warmer pass the test? Yes, it did. It is pretty good at keeping things warm. The surface is large enough to place almost any size of coffee mug. The build quality is good enough. The device is power efficient. It doesn’t emit electromagnetic radiation. And, it won’t blast if you accidentally spill liquids on it.

The cup warmer is good for personal use. And, if you want to amaze your clients with corporate gifts then you should keep NanoHeat in the list. You can order the cup warmer from NanoHeat website.

Source: AME

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