After LG, Google Glass Has Another Competitor – Sony

The game just got interesting! First, there was only the Google Glass. Then, we heard rumors about a similar product from LG. Now, a new patent by Sony has been spotted which shows a similar augmented reality gadget.

Sony head mounted display apparatus

The patent application (number 20130069850) filed by Sony on November 14, 2012 is about a “head-mounted display apparatus.” According to the description, this apparatus “includes an image display device, a wearing device with which the image display device is worn on a head of an observer, and an attachment member with which the image display device is attached to the wearing device. The attachment member is capable of adjusting a position of the image display device relative to the wearing device independently in a first direction and in a second direction, the first direction being defined by a virtual line connecting centers of eyes of the observer, the second direction being perpendicular to the first direction and extending vertically with respect to the observer.”

Sony’s “head-mounted display apparatus” is a bit different from Google Glass. Sony’s version shows information to both eyes, where Google Glass project information to one eye only. The lenses are also movable and adjustable according the wearer’s requirement. The prototype sketch also shows ear buds mounted on the arms; that means it would be an audio-visual experience.

This patent is a continuation of Sony’s earlier patent filings in 2008 and 2009 in similar domain. That means, Sony have seasoned the design with time, though we haven’t seen a device yet from the company.

Source: USPTO
Thanks to: DroidLife

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