Griffin Unveils PowerDock 5 And ChargeSensor Adapters

Griffin Technology is known for dishing out charging solutions for a number of devices and platforms. The company has now revealed that it will be showing off a wide range of new chargers and adapters at its CES 2013 booth. The new arrivals include a 5-device PowerDock 5 and other adapters based on ChargeSensor technology.

Griffin adapters

The highlight of the new releases is certainly the PowerDock 5. It comes with the option of hooking up to five 5 iPads to it, all at the same time. The sleek design allows for all five iPads to be positioned right next to each other without any hassles and then connects them to the dock via a USB charger.

PowerDock 5 is certainly ideal for such a workplace where multiple people tool iPads and need to recharge their slates every now and then. For the going price of $99.99, the special dock will become available during Spring.

Next in the lineup are PowerBlock plug adapter and PowerJolt car charger. Both of these make use of the ChargeSensor technology which essentially minimizes any power loss during charging and ensures that only the exactly needed amount of energy reaches your device.

PowerBlock can be plugged into any plug providing AC power between 100 and 240 volts. It converts this power to safe 10-watt source which can then be used to charge any smartphone or tablet. It will carry a price tag of $29.99. PowerJolt car charger is somewhat similar except that it is meant to be hooked up to the car’s volt accessory outlet and converts its power into safe charging for a mobile device. You will be able to scoop one of these for $24.99.

Courtesy: Engadget

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