World’s “First Smartphone-controlled Airplane” Takes Off

Usually drones flying in the sky are controlled by a remote. But German manufacturer TobyRich has made a drone called SmartPlane that can be controlled by an iPhone. In fact, this is the “world’s first” smartphone-controlled drone. Lately, this world’s first smartphone-controlled SmartPlane has taken off as a test flight.


TobyRich has made many smartphone-controlled gadgets. In fact, the company is specialized in making smartphone-controlled gadgets. However, the new SmartPlane manufactured by TobyRich, is the first smartphone-controlled RC plane. To hover the plane what you need to do is connect your SmartPlane to an iOS device via Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth low energy), which gives it a range of up to 60 m (200 ft). Be noted, the plane can only be paired to one device at a time. There is a white LED on the plane that indicates the connection status.

SmartPlane is durable and lightweight. It is built from expanded polypropelene (EPP). The plane’s engine and propeller are set inside the plane’s nose. This helps the RC plane reduce the chance of damage if any head-on collision occurs. The power supply of the plane comes from a lithium-polymer battery which is attached within the plane. The battery is also extremely light and is able to provide over five minutes of flight time at full throttle. The battery of the plane can be recharged in 15 minutes via a microUSB cable which comes with the plane.

iPhone Controlled SmartPlane

TobyRich has mentioned that the plane has been designed to stay in the air at low speeds to make it possible to fly indoors without “laser-sharp reflexes.” The controller app also includes a FlightAssist feature that automatically makes adjustments and corrections to help stabilize the plane’s flight.

The SmartPlane retails for €69 with free shipping within Germany. Buyers in the UK and Switzerland need to pay extra €12 for postage. The SmartPlane app is available as a free download from the App Store. The plane’s firmware is also automatically updated wirelessly to ensure the latest version is always onboard. Here’s a video of SmartPlane.

Source: TobyRich
Thanks To: Gizmag

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