HOT Smart Watch Lets You Wear A Phone On Your Wrist

We have seen a number of smartwatches in recent times. Most of these watches have come not from mainstream vendors but from campaigns launched over major funds crowdsourcing sites. The ‘HOT‘ watch is a similar Kickstarter campaign which literally turns your wrist watch into a smartphone.

HOT smartwatch

Most of the smartwatches that we have seen in the past originally serve to somehow let you get updates from your smartphone. The HOT watch is different in that – it is actually a phone of sorts, letting you enjoy a number of such functions on your watch which are originally offered in smartphones.

This watch comes packed with messaging apps, email and bluetooth connectivity, so that you can communicate directly with your smartphone without any hassle. You can activate a call simply by raising the smartwatch to your ear or tapping the touchscreen. This way, you’ll be able to take calls without having to bring your smartphone out of your pocket.

The Kickstarter campaign for the watch was launched with the intent of garnering $150,000 within nearly a month. However, with still 27 days to the expiry of the campaign, it has already garnered more than $300,000 which goes on to show that the campaign has become wildly popular among KickStarter backers.

Source: Kickstarter

Courtesy: Mashable

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