Apple’s iPhone Music Ad Shows Off An iWatch Look-Alike

In the past, we have heard many rumors and speculations about a possible smartwatch that Apple may dish out soon. The watch has been termed ‘iWatch’, although there is absolutely no proof that Apple is even working on one. Now, in an iPhone music ad, a person has been spotted to be wearing what looks like the popular iWatch concept watch.


Many iWatch concepts have surfaced over the last year or so, banking on the possibility that Apple may release one. The concepts try to imagine the different features that Apple may build into the watch and the kind of overall look and feel of the watch.

Most of these iWatch concepts, developed by individual artists, tend to show a square-shaped watch which comes equipped with Siri. Naturally, when a similarly-shaped watch was spotted in a recent ad from Apple, many were piqued.

The watch shown in Apple’s latest iPhone music ad is a square, with a circular inner portion. It can be seen on the wrist of a person at 0:30 into the commercial. Of course, this doesn’t show that Apple is working on such a watch or has plans of launching such a device any time in the future.

However, there is the tiny possibility that Apple marketing folks decided to include this part in the ad simply to troll the expectant millions.

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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