Google Time Concept Shows How A Real Smart Watch From Google May Look Like

Google has a whole host of products being used by millions of users. With many vendors currently hoping to make a debut into the smartphone watch arena, it certainly makes sense that Google should launch a watch of its own too. Now, designer Adrian Maciburko has come up an excellent Google watch concept.

Google Time

We recently reported that Apple may have plans of launching a smart watch of its own, by partnering with Intel. In view of this, many have urged Google to launch similar efforts.

Maciburko has now envisioned what a Google smart watch may look like. His concept watch is, without a doubt, excellent. Calling it Google Time, Adrian goes on to show how the watch can accept voice commands, dish out weather updates and put a whole host of Google services right at your finger tips.

Google Time

Many of Google’s services are of such a nature that they can be ported excellently to a watch. For instance, if you were on the go and wanted to get flight information, a possible Google watch could make things a lot more easier for you.

Google is certainly in a position to leverage its web presence to pull off a smart watch like that. Whereas Maciburko’s concept is certainly a beauty and showcases the Google Time running many different services, we fervently hope that Google is also thinking along the same lines right now.

Source: Madrian Maciburko

Courtesy: TNW

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