iPotty: A Special Plastic Potty For Kids With An iPad Stand

A lot of products and technologies have been unveiled at CES 2013, but nothing like iPotty. The iPotty, made by CTA Digital, is a special plastic potty for kids equipped with an iPad stand so that the little darlings can answer nature’s call with enjoyment while their eyes are glued to a screen. The iPotty is developed as a toilet training tool for kids.


iPotty comes with an easy-to-clean and removable inner potty bowl, potty seat and splashguard. Besides, there is a convenient toilet paper holder and a removable iPad stand attached to the front of iPotty. The stand is conveniently adjustable to three different angles and works either in portrait or landscape mode. The stand includes a plastic cover/enclosure to protect the tablet from “messy hands.” If kids find the iPad too distracting, the iPad stand can be removed easily.

The iPotty stand is compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and later versions. It will go on sale in March for $39.99 (iPad not included) on Amazon.com.

Source: Digital Trends
Video Credit: BBC

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