Archos Unveils An Entire Range Of iOS-Connected Smartwatches

We may not see an iWatch directly from Apple anytime soon, but we are already witnessing many such smartwatches which can connect directly with iOS devices. Archos has now unveiled an entire range of such gadgets at CES 2014.

Archos smartwatch

At CES this year, Archos showed off three new smartwatches which can pair with iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. Each model is different from the other in terms of battery life and the quality of the display.

The most affordable of these three comes with a price tag of $50 and packs a black-and-white display. Since such a display utilizes only a minimal amount of power, this smartwatch’s battery will be able to last 1.5 weeks after a single recharge. The second-tier model costs $100 and comes with a color LCD touchscreen. This may be just the kind of thing that may attract typical iOS users. However, given its high power-consumption, its battery will last only one to two days.

Archos smartwatch

Finally, the most advanced smartwatch from Archos has an e-ink curved display and comes with a fairly impressive battery time of 1.5 weeks after a recharge. It is priced at $129 and may appeal to most users who seek both quality display and adequate battery life in a smartwatch.

As for the functions of these smartwatches, Archos says that iOS users will be able to customize the notifications they receive on them. The watches will display time, media controls, custom notifications from iOS devices and more. For those who want to stay connected and updated on the go, this may be a valuable addition to their gadgets.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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