Keep An Eye On Your Electricity Consumption With MeterPlug

If you are planning on cutting down on your electricity costs, you first need to know the sources of electricity consumption in your household. A smart new plug, MeterPlug, is here to help you with it. It pairs nicely with a smartphone app so that you can see electricity usage stats relayed to your smartphone.


MeterPlug is actually used as a buffer between an actual plug and the electrical appliance that needs electricity. All you need to do is connect MeterPlug into a regular plug and then connect the electrical appliance to it.

The best part, without a doubt, about MeterPlug is that it comes with a smartphone app. Using Bluetooth, it is then able to relay statistics such as the amount of electric power used by a given appliance, straight to your smartphone.

You can even analyse the electric consumption by discerning the actual amounts of current being consumed and the costs that are being incurred as a result. This certainly allows you to gauge such electrical products which are most electricity-consuming and you can set out to find viable alternatives of those.

Another cool feature of MeterPlug is that if you have a device switched into it and the device hasn’t been used for a while, it disconnected the current supply. This way, it is able to save any ‘Vampire drain’ that may bump up the consumption unnecessarily.

Currently, MeterPlug is a project at IndieGoGo, trying to raise funds. Given that it is indeed a very unique idea, we are betting that it will be able to raise the required $70,000. For now, the founders of the project are offering the plug for $45, which may be a bit much for some. Watch the video below to see some of the really cool features of MeterPlug.

Source: IndieGoGo

Courtesy: Giga Om

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