Leaked Images Of Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Hit The Web

Recently, we reported that Samsung was readying a smartwatch of its own, by the name of ‘Galaxy Gear.’ Samsung confirmed that it would lift the wraps off the new offering on September 4. Now, just ahead of this launch, alleged images of Galaxy Gear have leaked on to the web.

Galaxy Gear

Samsung has been very discreet about the new device and hasn’t divulged any design details about it. However, the leaked images of Galaxy Gear have now hit the web, showing it as wristwatch with a longish rectangular display to go with it. The version shown in the images is claimed to be a prototype of the actual gadget.

Samsung apparently used this prototype to pitch Galaxy Gear to its partners as well as developers. Nonetheless, we may see many changes in the actual design, given that prototypes usually serve as the baseline.

Galaxy Gear

The display of Galaxy Gear is 3 inches, which is a tad bit too large for a device to be worn on the wrist. However, it also lets users navigate through its interface with ease. Reports have it that Samsung has built speakers as well as a 4-megapixel camera into the watch. Not only that, it also includes Wi-Fi suppor so that even if it is not connected to your smartphone, it can pull up emails and other online content.

Although we expect to see many other features built into Galaxy Gear, one of the must-haves is the Samsung S Voice. With a smartwatch that has a 3-inch display, a voice-based service is absolutely essential. So we’ll have to wait until September 4th and see if the actual Galaxy Gear is up to our expectations.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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