Leap Motion Controller Lets You Control Your PC Through Gestures

When you are interacting with your PC through a mouse or a keyboard, the medium of interactions are fairly limited. Imagine being able to interact with your PC simply by waving hands in the space in front of it. Now, that offers infinite possibilities. And Leap Motion Controller lets you have a glimpse of what it is like.

Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion has started shipping out Leap Motion Controller units to the customers. These controllers are not very advanced. Still, they let you accomplish a whole lot of really cool things merely by making air gestures in front of your PC.

For example, you can draw or paint simply by waving your hands, moving your fingers in front of the PC. The best thing about the controller is not that it lets you work without objects but that it turns your interactions with PC from 2D to 3D. You can, for instance, interact with the 3D-rendering of a molecule and tweak all of its three dimensions. Such tasks would’ve been very difficult if someone attempted them with the regular input peripheries such as a mouse or a keyboard.

Another really cool possibility with the Leap Motion Controller is that you can explore Google Earth using 3D gestures. To start using the controller, all you have to do is to plug it into your PC or Mac through a USB port. Once it is plugged in, the controller can detect even the slightest of hand and finger movements within a defined area. This is accomplished with the help of a bulk of sensors as well as a specially advanced software.

To help you gauge how the app works and what are some of the possibilities that Leap Motion technology offers, the device arrives with Airspace store. The store offers some 75 apps, all of which can be used to discern the different forms of 3D interactions.

Courtesy: USA Today

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