Lumen: Hack Your Metabolism & Lose Weight

Just like a finger to the pulse can tell you so much about a person’s health, wearables can tell about your health in more details and with more accuracy. But in this blog, we are going to talk about Lumen which can tell a lot about your health based on CO2 concentration in your breath.

Lumen is not a Fitness Wearable in the true sense. Fitness Wearables are meant to track your activities, heart rate, step counts. Some wearables will also notify you about incoming messages. On the other hand, Lumen will let you know about your Metabolism and Nutrition Needs.

What is Metabolism

Metabolism is a Biological Process through which each cell in your body converts food into energy for immediate or later use. The Human Body can be either burning Fat or Carb for Energy. If its burning fat, it means you need to lose weight. And if it is burning carb, it means you need a tailored diet and workout routine to maintain your fitness.

The concept behind Lumen is to identify what substance the cells are burning for energy. And to do so they have created a CO2 Sensor and Flow Meter. This technology will tell us the concentration of CO2 in our breath.


This technique of measuring Metabolism is not new. Athletes have been relying on this method to stay fit and in shape. But the traditional approach of measuring the Body Metabolism includes a metabolic chamber where anyone wishing to measure their metabolism, have to spend 60 straight minutes. After that expert practitioners analyze the data to give out a verdict.

Lumen will pull down this 60 minute time period to just a single breath. Furthermore, you don’t need to send the data to expert practitioners to get an analysis out of it. Lumen will present the analysis through its App that you would have to install on your Smartphone. Along with information about your Metabolism, the App will also prepare a personalized Meal Plan and Workout Routine.

Wrapping Up!

Lumen is all set to ship its first batch of products somewhere in February of 2019. We hope it continues improving its technology. Do follow our Website to learn more the other cutting-edge technologies waiting to make their way into the mainstream.

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