Google Glass Explorer Edition Finally Starts Shipping, Technical Specs Released

After a lot of anticipation and eager wait, Google has finally announced that a limited number of Google Glass units are ready to be shipped to the users. The team revealed in a recent email that some units are finally off the production line, which means that they may reach the users within the next few days.

Google Glass

Google sent out a rather long email to the ‘Explorers’ stating, “We’ve been working hard on the Glass Explorer Edition and we have great news: the hardware and software are now ready for you.¬†We’re seeing the first few devices come off the production line right now.” The email is reproduced in its entirety below.

Google Glass email

The good part is that the search giant is gearing up to ship these devices as they come off the production line. Although Google Glass is somewhat expensive at $1500, thousands of users had been eager enough to sign up for it before its commercial roll-out later this year.

The company has also revealed the details of the hardware packed inside the product. These details are listed below.


  • Adjustable nosepads and durable frame fits any face.
  • Extra nosepads in two sizes.

High resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away.


  • Photos — 5 MP
  • Videos — 720p


  • Bone Conduction Transducer


  • Wifi – 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth


  • 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GB Flash total.

Battery & Charging

One full day of typical use. Some features, like Hangouts and video recording, are more battery intensive.

  • Included Micro USB cable and charger.

While there are thousands of micro-USB chargers out there, Glass is designed and tested with the included charger in mind. Use it and preserve long and prosperous Glass use.


  • Any Bluetooth-capable phone.
  • The MyGlass companion app requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. MyGlass enables GPS and SMS messaging.

Courtesy: CNET/TechCrunch

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