Get Ready: Microsoft Smartwatch Coming In A Few Weeks!

After Google and Apple, Microsoft is the new tech-giant to bring a new wearable device to market. If all goes well, we might expect to get the first glimpse of this device within only a few weeks!


The device that we are all psyched about is, in fact, a smartwatch. It has all the basic features that you expect from such a device – it can measure your heart rate, and reportedly, can ‘work across different mobile platforms’, which indicate that this device can work in harmony with Android and iOS as well as Windows devices.

One of the major features of this device is that it can last for about two days after charging only once, which is higher than most smart devices available in the market. Currently we have Android smartwatches made by Samsung and Motorola, and also know bits and pieces about Apple’s smartwatch. While all of these devices need more charging, the Windows smartwatch is way ahead in the game by providing more power.

Apart from measuring heart rate, the Windows smartwatch is set to have most of the features that the Apple smartwatch has, which makes it a better alternative to many who want to try something new out of the circle of Apple products.

The price of Windows smartwatch is also bound to surprise us. Android watches will cost you about $200-$300, while a luxurious Apple watch will cost you at least $350 and onwards. But Microsoft, even after offering the basic set of features that are the same as an Apple smartwatch, plans to sell their watch at the price range of $200-$300 only.


The Windows smartwatch also has an elegant design that makes the device look very stylish. Microsoft is planning to release the device during the holiday season at the end of this year. With their lucrative price range, astounding features and look, they are hopeful of getting a high sale; not to mention the fact that they are providing everything the Apple smartwatch (scheduled to launch in early 2015) is providing, but is coming out way sooner.

Source: Business Insider

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