MIT Researcher Makes LED Ice Cubes To Prevent Alcohol Induced Blackouts

A MIT Media Labs Researcher Dhairya Dand had three drinks in a club on Nov 23, 2012, and few minutes later he had a blackout. The following day he found himself in a hospital. This incidence inspired him to make such a thing that will warn a person how many drinks he/she already had and then advise him/her whether he/she should restraint from drinking more. Now, Dand has made a glowing, alcohol tracking Ice Cube that will help drunk persons not to check his/her resistant limit while drinking.

Glowing Alcohol Tracking Ice Cube

Dand’s invented Glowing Ice Cube is not an ordinary Ice Cube. These glowing Ice Cubes will not melt or mold. Each Ice Cube is packed with a LED, an accelerometer, a battery, and IR transceivers. While the Glowing Ice Cube will be put into a drink, it will start measuring the amount of Alcohol in that drink. The more alcohol the Glowing Ice Cube will measure, the more it will change its color from green to orange to red.

After one glass of adult beverage, the Ice Cube will turn into “green”. The green means the drunken is still in “tolerance limit”. After two glasses of adult beverage, the Ice Cube will turn into “yellow” that means the drunken has already crossed “half of his/her tolerance limit” and he/she should slow down. After three glasses of adult beverage, the Glowing Ice Cube will turn into “red”. The red means the person has “crossed his/her tolerance limit” and hence he/she should “not to have even a single sip of drink”. When the Ice Cube will turn into red, a text message will be automatically sent to the person’s close friend. Pretty cool, and sometimes invasive to privacy.

Source: Toms Hardware, Hack A Day

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