iSwimband: The World’s First Drowning Detection System


Whenever people gets drowned, life-guards reach there to save their lives. We have also seen robotic life guards and drones to assist human to rescue the sinking people. However, until now there was no device or system that could alert someone when a person is drowning. But now, Aquatic Safety Concepts has brought iSwimband, the “world’s first personal drowning detection system” that can alert someone when the wearer gets drowned.


It’s been found that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death of children under 18 in the U.S and the number one cause of accidental death of children in 18 states. Keeping that in mind, Aquatic Safety Concepts has brought iSwimband, the “world’s first personal drowning detection system” which the company unveiled at CES 2014.

iSwimband In Hand

iSwimband is a lightweight headband that swimmers, specially children can wear on their forehead, or attach to their swim cap or water goggles. You can set a timer on this band which mentions for how long, the band wearer will spend time under water. So, after setting a time limit and wearing this band, if the swimmer/child spends even if a second more, the system of iSwimband automatically sends an alert to a Bluetooth-enabled iOS device (iPhone, iPad) or music player (iPod Touch). And thus, the person outside the water gets to know whether or not the swimmer/child is drowning or is in danger.

There is no doubt that iSwimband has the potential to save lives and prevent needless tragedies. In fact, it is perfect for those who usually don’t swim or swim less and have chance to get drowned. Although nothing replaces diligent human supervision, iSwimband provides an extra layer of protection in and around the water. You can monitor up to 8 iSwimbands, ranging up to 100-foot (depends on environmental conditions) using one iOS device. Besides this headband, there is a tamper resistant wristband for kids, which will also send an alert if they accidentally fall into the water.

iSwimband works in pools, lakes, the ocean – even spas and bathtubs. You can pre-order iSwimband for $124.99. Aquatic Safety Concepts has planned to roll out iSwimband in selected markets from April/May. For more information on the iSwimband, call 888-349-9246 or hit the link below.

Source: iSwimband

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