MIT Students Design ‘Sesame Ring’ To Resolve Transit Issues

The problem with students taking public transportation from one place to another is that they may often end up losing their transit card. And even if they don’t lose it, it frequently becomes misplaced. Two MIT students have resolved this issue by designing a new ‘Sesame ring.’

Sesame ring

Sesame ring is a 3D-printed ring which comes equipped with RFID support and is water-proof. All a user needs to do is load the ring with money whenever it runs out, and put it against the scanner on the turnstile. The scanner will instantly read the information off the ring, deduct the defined sum of money and let you go to the train within seconds.

The ring has already been approved by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority which means that we may soon see it publicly used in Boston.

The creators of the Sesame ring have also launched a KickStarter campaign at the same time, seeking to crowdsource funds for mass-manufacturing. The original goal was to gather $5,000 but with 15 days left to go still (as of writing), the team has already garnered more than $12,000.

If you wish to lay your hands on the ring, you can simply go to the official KickStarter page and be a part of the list by pledging $20 for one of the Sesame ring units. The ring is available in multiple colors and the overall design is such that it looks really cool when worn.

Courtesy: Mashable

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