Pocket-size Portable Washing Machine Cleans Clothes In Just 30 Seconds

Most of the campers, travelers and festival goers face a common problem – washing cloth problem. But that problem won’t be lasting any longer. However, a 34 years old person named Ash Newland from Melbourne, Australia, has made a pocket-size portable washing machine called Scrubba that cleans clothes in just 5 minutes.


Scrubba is basically a bag. It weighs only 180g and is made from a waterproof material and contains a flexible washboard which cleverly cleans away any dirt. However, when three liters of water, liquid soap, and dirty washing are added to the bag, users have to simply fold and fasten it closed, and rub it to clean the clothes inside.

Portable Clothing Machine

Portable Clothing Machine

Scrubba can easily wash T-shirts, socks, underwear, and even jeans. However, its’ been proven that Scrubba can clean clothes to the same standard as a washing machine. According to Ash Newland, it takes five to six minutes to achieve a machine-quality wash. He also said that Scrubba can be used for just 30 seconds for light loads. However, this pocket-size portable washing machine costs £41.

Source: Daily Mail

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