4 Tools To Mirror Your Smartphone Or Tablet On TV

Watching movies or playing a game on a smartphone is fun. But sometimes, the screen of a smartphone or tablet seems inadequate. At such times, you’d want to mirror your mobile device’s screen on a larger TV and these tools will help you with that.

Mobile screen mirroring

Smartphone and tablets have put a whole plethora of content at our fingertips these days. These mobile devices are good for consuming most of this content – going through news, reading updates, tweeting etc. But when you have to watch a movie, the smartphone screen seems too little.

Thankfully, with features such as smartphone or tablet mirroring, you can now transport the screen of your mobile device straight to your TV’s huge display and enjoy it a lot better. Given below are five tools that let you accomplish this with ease.


This nifty dongle from Google costs a mere $35. It is compatible with certain third-party apps and is HDMI-connected. So all you need to do is run a given app on your mobile device, then hit the ‘Cast’ option and the dongle takes the wheel.


Currently, the dongle is compatible with a number of iOS and Android apps, but it is limited in that not all content from your smartphone or tablet can be directly mirrored. An added use of Chromecast is that it can also mirror anything from your PC or Mac straight to your TV’s screen.

Apple TV:

Apple TV is essentially a set-top box which comes with the support of a huge ecosystem of compatible apps. It is a small box with a nifty remote and given its access to iTunes, you are able to access a virtually infinite amount of content through Apple TV. Buy Apple TV

Apple TV

The best part, however, is that you can use Apple TV to send any kind of content from your smartphone straight to the TV screen. Thanks to Apple’s integration of Airplay into the set-top box, you can send videos, audio and numerous other forms of content from your iOS device to any display with HDMI input.


The primary argument in favor of Roku is that this platform comes with more than 1000 apps, making it one of the best streaming platforms in town. The downside of Roku, however, is that it doesn’t offer any native feature to mirror content from a mobile device.


To do that, you will have to need the help of certain apps which allow you to mirror content from an iOS or Android device to Roku. For Android users, AllCast is a great app choice for the purpose. You can choose a Roku device of your choice from a wide range that is available.


Miracast is more of a mirroring method, rather than an actual device. A number of devices have implemented this unique mirroring method and are generally recognized by the Miracast moniker itself.


What makes Miracast an excellent mirroring solution is that it doesn’t need Wi-Fi and rather, sets up its own private streaming network, thanks to an Android-only feature called Wi-Fi Direct. So you can easily link up your Android device with a Miracast device and let the mirroring begin. The protocol can mirror all sorts of content to the big screen.

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