Quitbit: A Smart Lighter To Help You Quit Smoking

A huge number of people who smoke have tried to quit at one time or the other. Quitbit is a new smart lighter that promises to help you achieve that goal by keeping track of your smoking habits, much like a fitness-tracking hardware for smokers.


The smart lighter which packs a very sleek look comes with a small heat coil. It is able to keep track of the number of cigarettes you light and then displays that number on an LED display on the front. It also includes other sensors and smart components which are able to keep track of the time since your last smoke, the number of cigarettes smoked within a certain period of time and other important data.

This data is then available to you through an accompanying app. You can tell the app if you used the lighter to help someone else light a cigarette, so that your own statistics remain accurate. You can also determine the amount of cash you save by cutting down on your smoking routine, a metric many will find very attractive.

According to Ata Ghofrani, the co-founder of this unique project, “I was trying to quit when he (Kuji, the other co-founder)¬†asked how much I smoked, and I realized there wasn’t a really good way to keep track.” So the duo came up with this idea. “We wanted a piece of hardware to automatically monitor how much you’re smoking, without having to manually enter that information within the app” Ghofrani says.

From a smokers’ perspective, it a tad bit optimistic to say that this lighter can be very effective in helping you quit smoking. What it can do for sure is to make you conscious of your smoking habits and at least trim down on the nicotine use regularly inhale.

Quitbit was launched on KickStarter only days ago, Ghofrani and his team hoping to raise $50,000. With 27 days left in the deadline of the project, it has already amassed more than $24,000. If you want to book your order for this stunning lighter, head straight to the KickStarter page.

Source: KickStarter/Quitbit

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