Reactive Grip Motion Controller, A Tactile-Feedback System [Video]

Tactical Haptics has shown its “Reactive Grip” a tactile-feedback system, for motion-controlled input devices at GDC 2013. The giant gaming console maker has brought more advanced motion-based controller system with their consoles.


The Reactive Grip controller is designed for tracking motion, a modified Razer Hydra and a 3D-printed housing. There is a slider that can move up or down to provide real-time sensation to what’s happening on the screen.

The company has released the demo video showing how the controller is able to provide feedback for multiple weapons like a gun, sword and a morning star. The video undoubtedly clears that the Motion Controller can provide highly-accurate feedback in multiple directions.

The system creates an impressively convincing sensation that could lead us one step closer to impressive virtual reality world. It will be great if it is possible to include the Reactive Grip in future gaming consoles so that it could be much helpful for developers to support it.

Source: roadtovr

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