Houston Rockets GM Applauds The Idea Of NBA Refs Wearing Google Glass

We have seen a number of analysts talk about the possible uses of Google Glass in the last few months. Now, however, a rather interesting possible use of the gadget is being explored. In a recent talk, the General Manager of Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, applauded the idea of NBA referees wearing Google Glass.

Daryl Morey

During a Reddit interview on Friday, Morey was asked, “Do you think Google Glass could ever be integrated into live games, for example by having the officials wear them and letting the TV audience see what they saw?”

Morey is not one of the conventional NBA guys. Rather, he is known in the NBA world as a person who is very tech-savvy and very open to modern ideas. To the question cited above, Morey responded that it was a great idea and later reiterated that position through a tweet.

The proposed application of Google Glass is certainly very interesting and it can significantly notch up the heat on live viewing of NBA matches. However, the key reservation of most commentators is that in the past, the NBA world, at large, has shied away from using modern technologies.

And so, while Morey’s words may certainly be a pleasant surprise, it is hard to prop up any solid expectations that the sport may start using something like Google Glass any time soon.

Courtesy: All Things D

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