GoGlove: A New Glove That Lets You Control Your Mobile Device By Touching Fingertips

Anyone who lives in a cold climate where gloves aren’t an option knows that most gloves aren’t designed to work with smartphones. A new product has surfaced called the GoGlove that is designed to give you wearable control over your smartphone while you are outside where gloves are required. In other words, the GoGlove will work as a  remote control for your phone.

GoGlove To Control Soundtracks

GoGlove looks like a normal set of thin gloves. It is designed to allow people running, biking, walking or hitting the slopes to use their music, camera, GoPro, or listen to texts by tapping their fingers rather than taking the phone out and manually using it. Users will be able to play/pause, skip/back track, volume up/down via this glove. There’s a Bluetooth module in the glove. It is connected to sensors in the fingertips. Each sensor controls different functions on the phone when it’s tapped.


GoGlove’s main purpose is to give users more control over their devices. By connecting the gloves to the GoGlove app which is free, the user can set the function that each finger controls. The gloves are meant to be lightweight so they can fit inside thicker gloves in the winter. Besides, the gloves are resistant to sweat and light moisture.

Soundtrack Control GoGlove

According to Ben Harris, co-founder of Easier to Use, which developed the GoGlove, “Whatever your phone can do, you can control with GoGlove. It’s a great concept when you’re flying down the mountain and a good song comes on and you kind of get in that moment and that makes everything better. Really we are just trying to make that experience easier to control.”

Different Generations Of GoGlove

Right now, the GoGlove is in KickStarter, trying to raise a fund of $40,000 by 8:54 A.M (+06:00), Friday, December 5, 2014.

As of writing, the project has collected $39,402 from 257 backers.The project has 6 more days left to reach its goal. Here’s a video of GoGlove.

People who will pledge $99 or more are supposed to get the glove in June, 2015. For more details, hit the links below.

Source: GoGlove
Thanks To: Kickstarter

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