Skylock: A Smart, Solar-Powered Lock For Your Bike

We have seen numerous contraptions and improvements for bikes over the last few years. But Skylock from Velo Labs is one of the absolute best. It is a smart, solar-powered lock which secures your bike and accomplishes many other tasks.


Skylock is the outcome of a collaboration between former Boeing and Jawbone engineers. It packs sleek looks with a number of functional features and can be very useful for the routine bike-users. The lock itself is quite secure, including a dual-lock system which pretty much keeps the thieves at bay.

Even if someone tinkers with the lock and tries to break it in your absence, the accelerometer in Skylock will notify you of the attempted burglary. The accelerometer can also detect if you run into an accident. By determining any such mishap in real-time, it prompts your handset to automatically send distress messages to pre-selected friends and family.

The lock is able to pair up with your handset, thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi which are included in it. The best thing about this lock is that despite all the gadgetry and functionality, you don’t need to charge it. It has a solar panel which is able to muster enough energy in an hour so that the lock would last on it for an entire month. So you never have to worry about Skylock running low on energy.

The slight catch is that the Skylock isn’t quite available publicly yet. Velo Labs has launched a crowdsourcing campaign on its official site to muster enough funds for a commercial production. If you are wooed already and want to lay your hands on one, better avail the early-bird discount and get the lock for $159. Eventually, Velo Labs aims to sell the lock for a rather steep price of $249.

Source: Skylock
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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