i90 Tablet Glass: View Downward Keeping Your Head Upward

We often spend hours after hours over a tablet or smartphone. Sometimes our head is tilt forward into an uncomfortable position, which later causes pain. But thanks to i90, a tablet glass, for which no more pain you will get for spending hours after hours over a tablet or smartphone.

Impact Of With And Without i90 Tablet Glasses

Now a days people averagely spend over 23 hours per week for texting, emailing and using social media. However, when they do so, their heads remain bent, pointing to the screen of the device. In other word, they look at the screen by stooping their head. This position is called ‘tech-neck‘ position. Sometimes, this ‘tech-neck’ position causes huge pain and even injury. In order to get relieved from this problem, i90 tablet glasses have been made. The glass enables you to watch videos, read, play game and work on a tablet or smartphone, with your head up and neck straight.

With And Without i90 Tablet Glasses

The i90 Tablet Glasses are made out of lightweight aluminum frames and two 90 degree prisms that redirect your view downward, while keeping your head upward. The i90 glasses work with tablets, e-readers, smartphones and even books.

i90 Tablet Glasses

However, the i90 glasses are mostly meant for stationary gadget use. The glasses are wide enough to fit over regular glasses, and come in six colors: red, silver, gold, purple, rust, green and blue.

Colors Of i90 Tablet Glasses

At present, Matt Franklin, the inventor of the i90 tablet glass, who calls himself a “gear head” and who constantly watches movies on his iPad, and reads social-media posts on his iPhone, is trying to gather a fund of $45,000 by November 15 via the popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter.

As of writing, 65 backers have donated $5,664. If you contribute $75 or more, you will receive your own pair of i90s by March 2014. Here’a video of i90 tablet glass.

For more information, visit Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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