SpotCam: The New Tech That Will Keep You Safe

Typical home security camera has nothing on the SpotCam. With the amazingly great features and the easy set up, SpotCam users have nothing but praise for this new piece of technology. Homes with children, homes with expensive contents, and more can utilize this tech for the security of any and all properties that they want to keep an eye on. You can monitor your property or home from anywhere. The SpotCam offers a video monitoring application that will work with the SpotCam itself.

SpotCam is a Wi-Fi security camera that includes remarkable features, above all, it provides you free full-time recording on the cloud, which is unique so far in the market. It gives you a live transmission of a wide angle of 720p video feed. You can access it from the Internet on a computer, smartphone, tablet, and other devices. It is through a high bank level SSL encryption as well. It is extremely easy to setup for any and every user.


Features for the SpotCam

If you are familiar with security cameras, then you are also aware that many of them do not include night vision. You have to light the area to get a good view of the surrounding and the intruders. Of course common sense will tell you that if you are an intruder, you will avoid the well-lit areas. However, SpotCam comes equipped with night vision. It will help the investigation of theft should there be an incident.


Other security camera will only record when you actually power them on. Another great feature of the SpotCam is that it is also equipped with a motion, as well as a sound detector. It will not eat up any extra electricity. It will begin recording when it senses motion or sound. The built in microphone will pick up the smallest of sounds. However, that is not the only time that it will pick up video, this camera can also be scheduled to record. For example, you can set it weekly to turn on during business hours.


List of Features:

  • Stress-free Set Up
  • Night Vision
  • Real Time Alerts
  • HD Video Quality
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Access from Any Where
  • Social Networking
  • Two Way Audio
  • Scheduling
  • Cross Platform Viewing
  • Bank Level Security


Requirements of this camera and software are pretty simple. You will need a computer, smart phone, or a tablet in order to set it up. You will need high-speed Wi-Fi connection. In order to view the video, you will need Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 3+, Firefox 3+, or Chrome. Devices that you can use are iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.



Price of the SpotCam

SpotCam offers a fair price for the amazing tech that has been utilized by businesses and homes alike. For indoor type it is now selling at $149 and for $199 you can get a weather-proof outdoor type. The SpotCam allows storage up to one day for free so that you are able to go through the video to ensure there is no misconduct or to download any information in regards to an investigation of crime. However, if you would like more flexibility, you can subscribe for 3/7/30 days extended storage starting from $3.95 USD monthly.


If you opt for a free account, then you can still use all of the features of the camera. You can view it in real-time or playback footage across many platforms. The subscription is simply for more time and space for your recordings. It will depend on your personal preference. Overall, this camera shows that it is extremely superior to its counterparts and with the pricing being so inexpensive, it is a surprise that they are not already in every business and home.

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