Students Made Anti-Rape Lingerie, Can Deliver 3800 Kilovolt Electric Shock

Last year in December, a 23-year old physiotherapy student was brutally gang raped on a bus in New Delhi and later she died due to massive injuries. That tragic incident stirred the Indians a lot. Following that incident, three engineering students from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Tamil Nadu, India, decided to make such undergarments for females, that’ll protect them from being molested or raped. After huge efforts, the trio has made a special lingerie that’ll give heavy electric shocks if someone tries to molest or rape a female, thus keeps a female safe.

Anti-Rape' Lingerie

The trio – Rimpi Tripathy, Manisha Mohan and Niladri Basu Bal – has created a camisole style ‘anti-rape’ underwear named Society Harnessing Equipment, or SHE. The innerside of the undergarment is insulated with a polymer.

Inventors Of SHE

There are pressure sensors on SHE, around the bust area which detects unwanted force and delivers a very powerful shock. To be more specific, the anti-rape underwear delivers 3,800 kilo-volt electric shock and it can deliver up to 82 shocks which is enough to disable any attacker. That’s not all. When the anti-rape underwear will deliver a shock, at the same time it’ll automatically send a text message to the parents of the victim and the emergency contact number of police, along with the GPS location.

Electric Shock Circuit Board In Anti-rape Underware

The trio published the details SHE on the Indian technology website Techpedia, showing how the electric shock circuit board is ‘placed near the bosom’ after a survey found that attackers usually grab a woman in that area while they initiate a rape attack.

Source: Techpedia
Thanks To: Daily Mail

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