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SwitchBlade: The Coolest RC Helicopter Ever Made

Earlier we have seen many RC helicopters with cool design, but not like the SwitchBlade. It is being said that SwitchBlade is the coolest RC helicopter ever created.


SwitchBlade is a professional grade MultiCopter, designed with a focus on user experience, value and state-of-the-art flight technology. It weighs 1850g or 4.0lb (fully laden with no payload or battery) and its size is 777 mm (30.6-inch). The SwitchBlade uses a 3S High capacity 4400mAh matched cell Lithium Polymer battery, heat sink cooled 45A motor controller, 500W brushless motors and 12 x 4.7-inch propellers.


SwitchBlade comes standard with the KK2.0 flight controller that provides solid flight stabilization parameters with easy to use on board adjustability. You can select Auto-level and Acrobatics modes by a simple switch. Besides, it has 6 channel 2.4 GHz spread spectrum transmitter with digital trims (RTF package) and 6 channel 2.4 GHz spread spectrum receiver (RTF package) and more. Here’s a video of SwitchBlade.

SwitchBlade is truly fun to fly. If you have interest or already love to fly RC, then SwitchBlade is the perfect thing for you.

At this moment, SwitchBlade makers are trying to collect $24,050 funds by Nov 15, 2:17pm EST via the popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter. As of writing, the team has collected $32,710 funding. Pledging starts from $25. For different pledges, you will get different gifts. For more, hit the source link below.

Another flight test video

Source: Kickstarter

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