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Although VR is still in its early stage, the rapid growth of its overall ecosystem is pushing the boundaries. One of the many limitations of VR games was locomotion. Cybershoes will enhance your VR experience by giving you the exact sensation of walking in VR.

Cybershoes is still in its development phase. The company is apparently sending out prototypes of the product to Youtube influencers. Some of them include MRTVVoodoo DEMike VR OasisThe Rogue Shadow. The company is planning to involve some other Youtubers as well.

The Big Idea

What exactly is this Titular device that is being dubbed as Cyber-Shoes? This device will allow you to walk in VR with your own legs. Sounds very unrealistic, doesn’t it? Just think of it this way, the space in VR is limitless. Suppose you are sitting in your bedroom with your VR headset on playing a VR Game. You can be playing a Free-Roaming game or a Story-Driven one, its terrain and surrounding will never match that of your Bedroom. And if the virtual space and real-world space does not match, you will never get the best VR experience. So the solution has to be something that lets you travel but does not let you cover any distance.

Mimic walking

This is exactly what the Cyber-Shoes will do. This device has a barrel-style wheel underneath it. So you don’t have to move to tell your VR Headset that you want to move inside the game. Instead, you sit and move the wheel underneath it. These movements are then translated into forward and backward VR movement.

For games such as VR Roller Coaster Simulation, you don’t need a Cybershoe. But for free-roaming games and also for story-driven ones, Cybershoes can uplift the gaming experience great margins.

Is it a Treadmill?

In 2015, the project came out with the name Cybershoes. They first wanted to solve the VR Locomotion problem with a treadmill. But soon the idea of a Treadmill was off the table.

The team received its first funding from Vienna. Soon they started to create content for the project in the Unreal Engine 4.

However, the implementation of this idea is not as simple as it sounds. It was displayed back in GamesCom last August. Back then it was not possible to make Left-Right movements with the Cybershoe. Apart from this issues, the creators have made some improvements as well. The creators of Cybershoe has introduced “Directional Walking”. What this will do is, you can be looking at a direction while moving the other way.

Wrapping Up!

One of the undervalued aspects of a CyberShoe is it will help eliminate VR related nausea. Many will be looking forward to Cybershoe for this reason only. Will you buy Cybershoe? Let us know in the comments section.

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