Rumor: Apple Partners With Intel To Create iOS-Based Watch

Wearable computers have been talked of, often in recent times. However, we haven’t yet seen a serious attempt by any notable vendor to make wearable devices mainstream. It has now been claimed that Apple is currently working in collaboration with Intel to create an iOS-based watch.


This much has been claimed by more than one sources, including Business Insider as well as a Piper Jaffray analyst. The ‘inside scoop’ has been apparently provided by someone within Apple’s supply chain.

Although all the speculation on a prospective smart watch from Apple is based on pure rumor, one does wonder how viable such a product would be. We do expect that Apple will be pairing up the so-called iWatch with its other devices to make it more appealing, a standalone watch in itself being able to pull off only a few features.

Apple has a certain expertise in the field of producing wearable products already. Although by default, iPod nano doesn’t come as a wearable gadget, still many vendors ship out such accessories which let the users tool it as one.

The tech giant can probably build on its iPad nano strategy to dish out an iWatch equipped with an Intel chip. If that happens, we are sure that the iWatch would be someone of a quick-access portal to other Apple products, such as iPhone or iPad. Equipped with Siri, the watch may then be used to use the devices without taking them out of your pocket.

Source: Business Insider

Courtesy: CNET

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