UrmO: Your Ultra-Light, Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle

UrmO can travel at the speed of 15 km/h. Furthermore, with a 2-hour charge, it can cover 20 km. And as it has regenerative braking you can rest assured you will be wasting very less of its battery-life.

Foldable Electric Vehicle

The concept behind this device is, it aims to revolutionize Urban-Transportation. Think for a second, during your everyday life what are the essential things you carry with you at all times? The most common things that might come up in your head right now is your keys, mobile, and wallet. Now think for a second what if you could carry something that could, in turn, carry you to places. Here a smart reader would want to know how convenient is it to carry a hoverboard? Well, here is the answer, UrmO hoverboard weighs only 6.5 kg which is equivalent to the weight of a Cat.

Another factor that adds to its convenience is, UrmO can be folded in just 2 seconds. There is a handle in the middle of the board. Pull the hoverboard up by grabbing the handle and the Hoverboard will fall right into places to take the shape of a briefcase.

There is another concern that you all might have, UrmO is portraying its product as suitable for outdoor use. In fact, it touts their product is appropriate to be used in city centers. Here arises the next issues, in a city center there are a lot of pedestrians, some of them will look back at you as you ride your UrmO and some of you might even start beating you if by any chance you crash into one of them. What is the UrmO team doing to solve this issue?

First, the product will come with an optional handlebar. So, anyone who isn’t comfortable or confident enough to ride it outdoors, can jack in the handlebar to the hoverboard and turn it into a Stand-up Scooter. Another aspect of this hoverboard is that it is self-balancing. So while riding this gadget all you need to think about is steering. Which should not be a big issue as UrmO uses AI to ensure riders can make sharp and precise turns.

Then comes its weight which is only 6.5 kg. Riding something as light as UrmO should make it easy for you to learn to ride it as well as be comfortable to use it casually. Thanks to the materials that go into building this gadget. Then comes the structure of the wheel, the wheels are 14 inch which is suitable for any terrain.

Wrapping Up!

You can back the project by visiting their page on Kickstarter. To learn more about similar emerging tech-startups do make sure to visit our website every week. We publish new content almost every day.

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