eyeCharm: A Device That Helps You To Control Your Computer With Eyes!

Methods for controlling computer systems is increasing with the development of technology proliferates. And now, Munich-based company 4tiitoo is trying to make a device called eyeCharm, that can connect to your Kinect and allow your eyes only to control a computer!


4tiitoo is a company behind NUIA, a software suite that makes it possible for PCs to interpret eye movements and staring as valid inputs. Recently, the company has launched NUIA eyeCharm, an eye-tracking add-on designed for use with the Microsoft Kinect at the official Kickstarter page. NUIA eyeCharm can offer people a new way to interact with their computer.

Kinect is placed on the bottom of the computer screen, which is mounted on an extra Nuia eyeCharm apparatus, with the help of invisible infrared lights illuminated by analyzing the eye movements of people looking at which point the person to perceive computing and computer. Besides, it will also support voice commands.

NUIA eyeCharm

4tiitoo is encouraging app development for its platform by throwing in its NUIA SDK for those who wish to tweak their favorite apps. At present, the project is collecting funds through Kickstarter. The project needs $100,000 by April 7. As of writing, 191 backers have donated $12,875 for the goal of $100,000.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the eyeCharm will retail for $60 and come equipped with NUIA’s suite of apps tailored to the device. The gadget adds “necessary optics and infrared illumination” to Microsoft’s Kinect to enable eye control.

Here’s a video for you showing how it really works.

Source: Kickstarter

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