CRD Distributes GPS Bracelets To Save Human Rights Activists In Times Of Attack

The Civil Rights Defenders (CRD), a non-profit group devoted to human rights, has issued their first set of GPS bracelets under the Natalia project. The bracelet, currently distributed among 5 activists, will alert the CRD headquarter, other activists nearby, and all of CRD’d social media following if the bracelets owner is kidnapped or attacked.

Natalia GPS bracelet

The project to handover personal alarm bracelets to CRD activists started after an activist named Natalia Estemirova was kidnapped in 2009, and killed within 24 hours of being kidnapped. This incident drove CRD authorities to design a system to be alerted if such an incident happens in future. CRD hope that the bracelets will give the organization “an opportunity to react faster and extend our hands-on protection further.”

The GPS bracelet can be activated manually by the wearer; or, it would activate automatically if the bracelet is removed from the activist’s wrist forcefully. The bracelet will send signals to CRD headquarter in Stockholm, and other CRD activists in close proximity. An automatic notification will be sent out throughout Natalia project’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

CRD wants to distribute 55 Natalia bracelets over next year and a half. The organization is calling for help in the financial side from philanthropists.

Thanks to: Slashgear

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