Wristwatch Tikker Tells You When You Are Going To Die

No one knows when he/she will die. But Fredrik Colting along with his designer team is creating a wristwatch called Tikker that counts down every second of your life and tells you how long time you have left to death.


Tikker is a digital wristwatch. It helps users determine how long they have left to live. From that sense you can also call this watch “the death watch.” But you might be thinking how is it possible that a wristwatch will tell a person’s life span?

Tikker Wrist Watch

Well, each Tikker wristwatch comes with a questionnaire booklet called “About Time.” This booklet guides users on the process of calculating their lifespan. In other word, the wearers have to fill out a personal questionnaire on their health history and then they have to subtract their age from the results; and the death countdown begins.

According to Colting, the intention of making Tikker wristwatch is to help wearers avoid wasting time in their lives. However, right now, Colting is trying to gather a fund of $25,000 by November 1 via the popular crowdfunding source Kickstarter. As of writing, 84 84 backers have pledged $4,606. Pledging $39 or more will bring you a Tikker wristwatch by April. Here’s video of Tikker.

For more info, visit Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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