Gadget For Students-PUP Scan : The World’s Fastest Pocket Scanner

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PUP Scan fits right into your fingers. This smart, simple and connected tool lets you scan important documents and upload them on to cloud.

PUP Scan For Student

Suppose you are a student and just before the night of your exam, you go on a group study. As you and all your friends are brainstorming on a topic, one of your friends takes a paper and writes down all the essentials of a given topic. You have formed some of your own opinions as well, but you don’t want to communicate it only verbally. Instead, you write down your own feedback on the same page your friend used to jot down the concept at the beginning. Your friends do the same, they all write down their own takes on the topic on the same page. Now, taking this page as a guideline for a last-minute revision will save you a lot of time as so many people have contributed to it. But everyone will want a copy of it. Now, what do you do? How about a scanner that fits right into your pocket and sends every scanned paper to your Cloud directly.

Imagine the same situation again, but this time you are doing a group. You and your friends have drawn a diagram on a piece of paper which you all consider to be a crucial part of the entire assignment. What do you do? Pick out the pocket scanner again and as soon as you Scan the paper it will be directly inserted into a Word File. It is as simple as that, it takes only one simple click.

World’s Fastest Pocket Scanner

PUP Scan is a great tool to turn hard copies of your academic papers into soft copies within seconds. Not only for students, but this tool is also equally beneficial to professionals of all fields.

This small little tool takes only two instructions from you. First, you tell PUP Scan the destination for your scanned paper by simply swiping right or left on the screen. The second step involves locking the laser ejected from PUP Scan and lock it onto the paper you want to scan. And that should be it from your part. PUP Scan will now complete the scan by directing the scanned file to its destination.

Wrapping Up!

You might be wondering about the quality of the scanned products. And when it comes to academic or office papers the importance of quality is double fold. Why? Because the quality of the scanned papers will stipulate the clarity of the written text. You should not be worried about the clarity of scanned papers while using PUP Scan. This small yet complex tool comes with Smart LED, which means you can take clear pictures in any lighting. Furthermore, this handheld device has ergonomic built, which is further enhanced by installing a back grip to it. We want to know your opinion on the product, will you use such a product and in which ways do you expect to get benefited by using it. Do let us know in the comments section.

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