Archaeologists Seek Gamers’ Help In Piecing Together 1200 Year Old Puzzle

Hilton of Cadboll Stone is a very valuable archaeological find. It is essentially a Pictish stone which was carved with Christian religious symbols back in 800 AD. Over time, the relic broke down into pieces, many of which have been retrieved. Archaeologists have now decided to recruit gamers to help bring together these pieces.

Cross fragments platform

This rare piece of history was found in Scotland where, back when it was created, Picts resided. After converting to Christianity, Picts used carvings on local sandstone to depict their love for Jesus. However, over the years, the artifact was broken, damaged and rendered into disjoint pieces. A cross, embedded atop the artifact later on, was separated from it as a result of this battering.

When the artifact was found, it had turned into thousands of small fragments. Although the scientists have been analyzing these fragments extensively, they have been unable to bring together the pieces to re-form the artifact. Now, the scientific community has decided to turn to the gamer community and seek their help on this.

Gamers are conventionally touted as possessing excellent reflexes and being able to manipulate on-screen objects in a far more effective manner. Moreover, gamers also have a tendency to discern patterns more easily. It is these skills that may be critically helpful in solving the mystery of the 3,000 year old artifact and the 1200 year old cross.

Extensive 3D images of the pieces of the artifact have been included in a computer program. Once the right gamers are hired, they will be able to access this program, analyze the fragments in 3D and then try to see where they fit in the puzzle.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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