[Game Preview] Assassin’s Creed III: A New Legend Begins

GAME PREVIEW – A new legend will born in Assassin’s Creed III after Ezio Auditore. His name is Connor Kenway. Ubisoft already confirmed that Assassin’s Creed III is going to be the biggest among the series. Retail edition of the game will be available very soon.

Assassin's Creed III, Image Credit: Ubisoft


The story begins after the event of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. The protagonist Desmond Miles, after experiencing the life events and adventures of his ancestors Altair Ibn La Ahad and Ezio through Animous and Animous 2.0, now return at the game to experience the life of another native American – half Mohawk and half British assassin Connor Kenway – in the eve of American revolution. The game took place in 30 years (1753-1783) of Connor’s life span. In the game, Connor Kenway will fight against the colonist who attacked his homeland in many places like New York, Boston, Mohawk village, settlement of Concord and Lexinton.


• The central character Connor is more dynamic, innovative, able, fluent and organic than Ezio.
• The game has a vaster world than any other earlier releases. It has very large game maps; especially one having a map of 1.5 times bigger than that of total Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.
• Assassin’s Creed III has the most dynamic and living landscape (with different types of activities) among the series.
• A spectacular weather system has been added in the new game featuring sudden weather changes along with natural seasonal changes.
• A wide range of arsenals consisting of tomahawk, duel pistol, rope dirt, bow and arrow, modified hidden blade and sword have replaced the armor system of the previous games.


• The gameplay of Assassin’s Creed III is 3rd person role-playing style.
• Connor has the ability to sell hunted animals in market and upgrade his gears.
• Connor has more fluid ability to create diversions to complete mission such as destroying ammo depot, staging decoys etc.
• Connor has the ability to call in reinforcement in dress of British soldiers to give fake impression to enemies of his arrest to gain access in restricted areas.
• Stoking in bushes to remain invisible in the eye of the enemies has been introduced.
• According to the new gameplay, players can choose their side missions apart from main story line missions that may help them to get new arsenals or more funds.
• Wild animals and hunting system have been included in the game.

Historical Characters in the Game

• George Washington
• Benjamin Franklin
• Thomas Jefferson
• Charles Lee
• Israel Putnam
• Paul Revere
• General Lafayette
• John Pitcairn
• William Prescott
• King George III
• Samuel Adams and
• Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.


Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, confirmed during an earnings call on November 8, 2011, that a new “major” Assassin’s Creed game will be released in 2012. In February 2012, Ubisoft officially confirmed the existence of Assassin’s Creed III, and its North American release date of October 30, 2012. On March 5, 2012, first cinematic trailer has been launched to unveil the game. The game has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal & will be published by Ubisoft. The game is produced by Francois Pelland (Senior) and story written by Corey May (Lead) and Matt Turner. The music of the game is composed by Lorne Balfe. Assassin’ Creed III is the fifth installment of the series.


Assassin’s Creed III will be a 3rd person open world, action–adventure, stealth game.

Game Engine

Ubisoft Montreal revealed that Assassin’s Creed III will use AnvilNext as the game’s engine.

Release of the Game

The game is scheduled to release on October 30, 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and on November 23, 2012 for Microsoft Windows.

Latest News About Assassin’s Creed III

The game’s Creative Director Alex Hutchinson told fans at a Comic-Con panel on Thursday, “I don’t think we’ll necessarily always go forward, or we’re dooming ourselves to run out of history. Assassin’s Creed III” gameplay set in an early rendition of Boston. The scenes featured Native American protagonist Connor ascending brick buildings, slipping past redcoats and bashing Scottish brawlers. Many of whom were dressed as hooded protagonists Altair and Ezio — that the developers originally planned for players to be able to scalp enemies as half-Mohawk, half-English assassin Connor, but that feature was later removed.”

Assassin’s Creed III is available for pre-order at Amazon.

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