2 Million Skyrim Mods Have Been Downloaded In Just Three Days From Steam

According to the Bethesda’s officials the highly popular PC game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim proudly announced that the players have downloaded a massive amount of mods for the game. The news comes a short while after the company released the Steam Workshop feature for users who want to browse and download modifications (mods) for the game.

The creation kit that is available for developers but also for the gamers who need to use their creativity to customize the game allows modifications such as textures, scenes, dialogues and also characters. The company behind the service ZeniMax Media, the gaming community developed over 2500 mods which are available for free. Granted, some of the player created mods are intriguing, nice looking and good enough to take them for a spin in the game, while others are… let’s just say good enough to deliver a couple of goodhearted laughs

Skyrim was was according to many analysts a success. Actually the figures are more convincing than words, as the game managed to sell over 10 million units across all platforms in just three months after the release, which translates into $650 million sales. According to recent reports and surveys on this matter based on Steam data, the average gamer spends about 75 hours in the game.


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