Play 7 Great Mobile Games In Your Web Browser

There are some fantastic Android as well as some great iPhone games out there. But what if you don’t have an smartphone to play these games? Well there’s a good news for you. There are a lot of fabulous mobile games that you can play in your web browser too! So today, we’ll present before you guys 7 such mobile games that can also be played in your web browser.


Angry Birds

Google Chrome team launched Angry Birds for the web as an experiment. The game is now massive popular. However, if you haven’t played it yet and want to play it, then just head to and start playing. The game is supposed to run in most of the browser, but by any chance if it doesn’t work on other browsers, then download Google Chrome (if you don’t have) and play on it (it’s guaranteed it’ll work). You will find a cheat too to unlock all Angry Birds levels shared by Psst, Justin.

Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3
Bejeweled is one of the super hit Flash games in the world. However, Bejeweled 3 is the finest in the franchise. There are four game modes to play: Classic, Lightning, Zen and Quest. In Classic, you keep going till no moves are left; in Lightning, you have to collect time gems to charge up bonus rounds; Zen is an endless game mode; and Quest has 40 mini-games based on Bejeweled. You can play this game in your web browser.

Flow Free

Flow Free
Flow Free is a very simple puzzle game which makes anyone being so addictive to play it. This game is more than just fun. It teaches you problem-solving, cooperation and strategy. In this game, you have to connect one color to another of its kind across a grid. Although it may seem very easy to you, but actually it’s not. Unless you play the game, you won’t understand it.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most played games on mobile. But it’s not restricted to mobile any more! Although, the fantastic free-to-play sequel isn’t available online, you can play the original Plants vs. Zombies in your browser, thanks to game developer PopCap. While playing the game in browser, you will find no difference in gameplay and graphics from mobile version. I am sure you would love to play the game.

Amateur Surgeon 2

Amateur Surgeon 2
Like the Amateur Surgeon 1, the Amateur Surgeon 2 slices up your funny bone. In this game, any person will be playing as Alan Probe, who is an accidental genius surgeon. You may not be a surgeon in real life, but had u wished to be a surgeon and do surgery, then this is the chance you can fulfill that wish. Are you interested to play the game?

Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope
Microsoft launched Cut The Rope to demonstrate the capabilities of the its browser – Internet Explorer. You can play this game on any browser that supports HTML5. However, Cut The Rope is the perfect mixture of candy, cute monsters and physics puzzles. To play, head to the Cut The Rope site and hit the “Give it a try” button at the bottom of the page to load the game.

Ridiculous Fishing/Radical Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing or Radical Fishing
Ridiculous Fishing was one of the best Android games in 2013. At then, developer Vlambeer first made it as an online Flash game. Although it doesn’t have the same refined graphics of the mobile game, but it’s the same gameplay and tons of fun. There is a certain calming nature to guiding your fishing line into the depths of the ocean, dodging fish, and then grabbing as many as you can on the way up. And once you hit the surface, take out your shotgun and start blasting!

For your kind information, some of these games require HTML5 to play, and as long as you run a modern browser, you should be fine. Others need Flash and it’s best to optimize performance for Flash games. But the bigger question is, do you prefer to play browser games or mobile, and why? Say your words in the comments box below.

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