A Flash Game Lets You Play The Role Of Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the man who has created a melee all over the globe by leaking details of NSA’s top-secret PRISM program, has become a hero for pro-privacy activists. Here is your chance to step into his shoes and see what it feels like: a new flash game lets you take the role of Snowden and steal data from NSA machines.

Snowden leaks game

One can only imagine how difficult it would have been for Snowden to gather data from different NSA sources, and all this without being detected. Naturally, he had to avoid security cameras, NSA’s security personnel and a lot else to make this happen.

The flash game is quite close to the reality in that it lets you gather the secret data with the help of USB sticks – precisely the same way as Snowden did in real life. In the game, you have to save yourself from CCTV cameras as well as NSA agents while you hook up your USB to different machines and copy data.

There are many awesome symbolic notions in the game too. For instance, while copying the data, you can easily hide behind the U.S. flag to avoid being caught by the NSA agents. This essentially hints at the opinion that rather than prosecuting Snowden, the U.S. government ought to support him for blowing the whistle on a program that is grossly illegal and a clear violation of basic privacy rights.

The game has been created by a Dutch team and you can play it simply by browsing to the official website of Snowden’s Leaks: The Game.

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Courtesy: Mashable

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