Android Game Console Ouya Expected To Arrive In Late December

Ouya, the open source Android-based game console, created quite a buzz in tech world when it was able to raise more than $8.5 million through Kickstarter. A huge number of users lined up and opened their wallets to lay their hands on the game console. The good news is, the earliest units of Ouya may arrive later this month.


The Ouya game console is expected to arrive to those who coughed up $699 or more by December 28th. These are the high-backers of the project and they are ones who will get to have the first look on Ouya. Primarily, this group comprises of developers who will be delighted to know that they will also gain access to Ouya SDK.

The game developers will be able to gain access to Ouya Development Kit (ODK) on which the Ouya team is working at this moment. Right out of the box, Ouya is expected to run Android Jelly Bean with added supports for game play.

December arrival is what Ouya had announced earlier in its shipping schedule. A number of Kickstarter projects have gone into delays in the past, and many had feared that Ouya may run into similar troubles. However, to the utter joy of the developers, the Ouya team has now announced the developer consoles are coming right on time.

As for the folks who were among the earliest Ouya backers but were able to get them a highly economical deal by signing up for a Ouya in a mere $95, they will be getting their consoles by March if all goes well.

Source: Ouya

Courtesy: CNET

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