[Free] Rovio Released New Game ‘Angry Birds Stella’, Now In App Store

Angry Birds developer Rovio has released an all new franchise called Angry Birds Stella which brings a new world to expand the fun and adventurous Angry Birds universe.

ANgry birds Stella TTJ
The super popular Rovio released the first Angry Birds game back in 2009. After the massive hit, it had also launched Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Seasons and all of this games hit the App Store and Google Play. Along with mobile devices, the series also expanded into other platforms like PCs and consoles.

However, Angry Birds Stella brings a completely new environment featuring girlish pink colored as pink shining queen joined by three female friends and they fight against a female arch-enemy. Although, this brand new game focuses to celebrate ‘female heroism‘, controversy is going on either its only for girls or not.

Rovio’s chief marketing officer, Blanca Juti said on a interview “Just as I hope people don’t think Star Wars for boys, I hope they don’t say this for girls. We want to challenge stereotype, both in girls – that they only play easy games – and on boys, that they don’t like anything pink. We really want to challenge this, and there is already a bit of a movement around it.”

On the other hand, in this physics-based game, heroine Stella teamed up with her friends Dahlia, Poppy, Willow, Luca and Gale on a quest to protect the precious Golder Island from the enemies including the bad princess and her clueless piggies. There are over 120 action packed levels on this journey and you will get some exciting superpowers. Here are some screenshots from the Angry Birds Stella game.



This freemiume game with amazing graphics and music has got some in-app purchase. You can download the game from the links given below.

Download Links

App Store: Click Here
Google Play: Click Here
Size: 43.4 MB
Price: FREE

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