[App of the Week] Trivia Crack: Chance To Outsmarting Your Friends

Trivia Crack is a massive hit game where you will fight against your friends to prove who has got the most trivia knowledge. Etermax presented, this award-winning trivia game is now No. 1 App of the Week on Apple App Store and Google Play Store in US and Canada.


Etermax, the cross-platform game developing company from Latin America has reached 100 million user with Trivia Crack. During this holiday seasons, this game has became the no. 1 overall app in almost 22 countries. It has got currently featured in the iTunes “Best of 2014” chart and in the “Top 100 best games of 2014” chart in Google Play.


The trivia game is all about test your own knowledge by challenging your friends. There are seven different categories including Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports, History and one ‘special’ or Crown. The wheel will split and luck is yours. You have to make your own profile to throw the challenge to your friends or you can even play against random users from anywhere in the planet earth!


The basic objective is to get the all six characters from the wheel and the first player achieving that will be the winner of that match. You can play maximum 25 rounds in each match. Moreover, you have to answer the most questions correctly to be to winner of the game.

If you do not want to waste your time with any silly games rather want to sharpen your brain, then you must be going to download this awesome game and outsmarting your friends.

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