AutoCrush VS now Free

AutoCrush VS now Free app is a peer to peer networking apps for iPhone.iPod touch and iPad.It’s fun game with head-to-head action.You can Crush, Pinch or Squeeze your opponent’s head by this app…

Kids of all ages love to play “I’m crushing your head” thanks to the hilarious Kids in the Hall skit. Now you can let your iOS device do the crushing and play head-to-head battles over Bluetooth! Rest your fingers and select animated Crushing, Pinching or Squeezing! Let the app do the taunting using funny audio clips. An elegant scoreboard keeps track of the action and the first to reach 20 points wins.

Even better, select VS Mode and play head-to-head battles over Bluetooth! The game works like Rock, Paper, Scissors except Crush beats Pinch, Pinch beats Squeeze, and Squeeze beats Crush!  Players face each other, from as far away as 100 feet and use the camera view to see their opponent. Touch VS to establish a Bluetooth connection and then quickly alternate between Crush, Pinch, and Squeeze to win or lose and rack up points!An elegant scoreboard keeps track of the action and the first to reach 20 points wins! The action can get pretty heated, so either player can touch the Pause button. Touch VS again to end the battle and disconnect.

AutoCrush VERSUS is a great example of an app that appeals to all ages,” observed Todd Bernhard, founder of No Tie Software. “We have seen five-year old kids play AutoCrush and truly laugh out loud! College-age kids love AutoCrush VERSUS! They have some serious battles with the game! Even 70+ year olds have a ball with AutoCrush VERSUS! Because the app works best with two players, we decided to make it free so nobody has a reason not to download it and start using it on the spot. There’s even a Tell-a-friend button in the app so it’s easy to get your friends to play.
Head-to-Head action works over Bluetooth, so you can be across the street (30 meters) and crush away! No camera? A built-in victim is provided!AutoCrush VERSUS! 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

* Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

* 12.4 MB

Download AutoCrush VS now Free :HERE
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