Ouya CEO Offers Store Credit To Compensate Early Backers

Ouya’s Kickstarter campaign was a roaring success, bringing in tens of millions of dollars for the company. Since then, the team behind the console had been working hard on creating and shipping out to early backers of the campaign. But the schedule suffered some delays. Now, Ouya CEO aims to make up for that.


In order to make up to such customers who had been waiting for their Ouya console unit for quite some time, Ouya CEO has now sent out a make-up email. In her email, she has dished out an apology to such early backers who couldn’t get their console until a few days after it hit the shelves.

According to her, “It wasn’t OK that some of you-our most loyal supporters-didn’t get your OUYA until after it was on store shelves. Others had an issue with our still-new customer service. Despite your frustrations, you’ve played on, putting up with our bumps and bugs as we work to get better every day. That being the case, we want to do more than tell you how much we appreciate you-we want to show it.”

She further writes that if you are among such customers who are even mildly annoyed at the company for late shipments, delayed responses or any other reason, you will be provided $13.37 free store credit by Ouya, which you can then spend on making any purchases on DISCOVER. This is certainly a smart move by Ouya and will help the company gain back the goodwill it enjoyed before it delayed the shipments of many loyal backers.

Courtesy: Joystiq

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